December 18, 2019

Emma Nevada - The Comstock Nightingale

Something unexpected happened this week, and I have to tell you about it. That means this will not be a seasonal episode as promised, but, at the end of this episode, I will squeeze in the recipes and expert notes I planned to share from the Great Western Cookbook in 1851.

Next Wednesday, on Christmas Day, I will read to you, the classic poem "'Twas the Night before Christmas," and on New Year’s Day, when many of you may be hurting, consider us the “recovery channel” and tune in when we begin Chapter Three, The Queen of Exploitation. A legendary woman, the true pioneer of San Francisco’s Chinatown. It will be a 4 part chapter, Highlighting important aspects of the role the Chinese played in America’s Largest Migration, The Gold Rush.  Thank you for tuning in today, I am Andrea Anderson, and this is Queens of the Mines.

Queens of the Mines features the authentic stories of gold rush women who blossomed from the camouflaged, twisted roots of California. These are true stories, with some of my own fabrication of descriptive details. It is recommended that you start this series from the first episode.  This is the true story, of the Comstock Nightingale, Emma Nevada, from America’s Largest Migration, The Gold Rush. 


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