December 31, 2019

Ah Toy - The Queen of Exploitation Part One - Zìyóu

Queens of the Mines features the authentic stories of gold rush women who blossomed from the camouflaged, twisted roots of California. These are true stories, with some of my own fabrication of descriptive details. In Chapter Three, we will hear the story of the true pioneer of San Francisco’s Chinatown, whose story highlights important aspects of the role the Chinese immigrants played in America’s Largest Migration, The Gold Rush. 



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THE CHINESE by Henry Kittredge Norton

The California Gold Rush: A Sexual Nightmare for Minority Women

A short history of bordellos in San Francisco, part 2

Ah Toy

 - The Oldest Profession Podcast

Badass Ladies Of Chinese History: Ah Toy

Wild West Women: Ah Toy – A China Blossom in Old San Francisco

A Gutsy Chinese `Working Girl' in Gold Rush San Francisco


"The Best Bad Things": An Analytical History of the Madams of Gold Rush San Francisco

The Hakka People

San Francisco’s Chinatown was a seedy ghetto.

Chinese Deathscape; From Cradle to Grave


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